They Must Be Destroyed On Sight!


TMBDOS! Radio: Lee Van Teeth Halloween Show 2017.

October 31st, 2017


It's Halloween in the year 2017, and the last real Wolf Man of rock radio, Lee Van Teeth, is feeling hairy and mean. Look out fathers, he's back to corrupt your daughters. Get your drinks all swirled, and get ready for him to rock your world. Creepy hits and spooky trailers for horrific films are in abundance this year.

Be careful if listening with earbuds. The normalisation of the sound is much better this year, but it's not perfect.


"I'm The Wolf Man" -- Round Robin
"Sunglasses After Dark" -- The Cramps
"Rockin' Bones" -- The Cramps
"Voodoo Idol" -- The Cramps
"Frankenstein Walk" -- Gene Bowlegs Miller
"Night of the Werewolf" -- Lee Kristofferson
"Witch Hunt" -- Frog/John Cameron
"Transylvania Twist" -- Baron Daemon and the Vampires
"The Chiller" -- The Vic Plati Quintet
"The Way Out Mummy" -- Bob Ridgley
"Psycho" -- The Sonics
"The Gonk" -- The Angelas
"Devil's Plaything" -- Danzig
"Astro Zombies" -- The Misfits
"Cough/Cool" -- The Misfits
"Vampira" -- The Misfits
"Deep Sleep" -- Chance Halladay
"Ghost Party" -- Peter Van Wood
"Jackals of Botswana" -- Deadbolt
"Watongo" -- Deadbolt
"Creepy and Weird" -- Deadbolt
"The Hearse" -- Deadbolt
"The Blob" -- Sleaford Mods
"The Phantom" -- Isaac Rother & The Phantoms
"Heeby Jeebies" -- Isaac Rother & The Phantoms
"I'm a Ghost" -- Isaac Rother & The Phantoms
"Haunted House" -- Isaac Rother & The Phantoms
"Bloody Hammer" -- Rocky Erickson
"If You Have Ghosts" -- Rocky Erickson

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