They Must Be Destroyed On Sight!


TMBDOS! Episode 66: “Hardbodies” (1984) & “Perfect Timing” (1986).

July 11th, 2016

Lee and Daniel continue the sex comedy series. This time they tackle the film Daniel claims is the 'Citizen Kane' of the genre in 1984's "Hardbodies", and then they look at yet another obscure Canadian production, "Perfect Timing" (1986). Also: Lee briefly covers the short from Astron-6 called "Cool Guys", which is heavily influenced by "Hardbodies" and similar films... as well as "Jacob's Ladder"? Listener comments and the other stuff the hosts have watched as of late are also covered.

"Hardbodies" IMDB:

"Perfect Timing" IMDB:

Download and/or watch "Cool Guys" here:

Download "Perfect Timing" here:

Read Jack Graham's articles:
"Psychic Landscape 1: Conjuring the '70s":

"Psychic Landscape 2: Ladies' Night":

Featured Music: "Hardbodies (Theme)" by Krak; "Cool Guys Titles" & "Cool Guys" by Jeremy Gillespie; and "Building Up" by Marvin Dolgay.

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