They Must Be Destroyed On Sight!


TMBDOS! Episode 221: “The Invisible Ray” (1936).

November 16th, 2020


Lee and Daniel are back, and they are both a bit drunk and barely edited (okay, Lee is quite a bit more drunk than Daniel). But they were determined to talk about the Lambert Hillyer sci-fi/horror film "The Invisible Ray" (1936), featuring the talents of Boris Karloff, Béla Lugosi, and the lovely Frances Drake. They do eventually get there, but it takes them 40 or so minutes. Some of the subjects brought up: Canadian geography; the films that truly scare Lee; bunk science that's somewhat based in reality; Karloff being mistreated by Universal compared to Lugosi; a horrible bit of racism in an otherwise great film; listener comments and what the hosts have watched as of late including talk about the latest episodes of "The Mandalorian".

"The Invisible Ray" IMDB

Featured Music: excerpts from the score for "The Invisible Ray" by Franz Waxman.

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