They Must Be Destroyed On Sight!


TMBDOS! Episode 195: “Battleship Potemkin” (1925).

February 17th, 2020


Lee and Daniel are joined by their friend and fellow podcaster Jack Graham to talk about "Battleship Potemkin" (1925); the Sergei Eisenstein-directed, state-funded Russian propaganda film about a real-life mutiny aboard the titular Russian warship in 1905. Having Jack on, who knows a thing or two about communism, socialism, and Russian history, the hosts dig deep into some of the history behind the film and the real life event, and what the film gets correct (it's actually a hell of a lot). There's talk about what propaganda was then compared to what we consider it to be now; the techniques Eisenstein used in his films, including his famous uses of the montage; comparing this film to other "classic" propaganda films; and why a lot of the negative criticisms of this film are coming from a place of ignorance. Oh yeah...if you hadn't guessed, there might be some political conversation, too, so you've been warned. Listener comments and what the hosts have watched lately are also covered.

"Battleship Potemkin" IMDB

Featured Music: "The Big Ship" by Brian Eno & "Rock the Boat" by The Hues Corporation.

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