They Must Be Destroyed On Sight!


TMBDOS! Episode 194: “The Covered Wagon” (1923) & “The Iron Horse” (1924).

February 10th, 2020


Lee and Daniel cover some big-time early silent westerns this time out, both focused on events that helped build America and the mythology that arose around it. These two films - the top earners at the box office for their respective years - re-energised and also influenced the entire western genre to come afterwards. This time it's "The Covered Wagon" (1923) & "The Iron Horse" (1924). Topics include white-washed imperialism; whites playing Chinese and Chinese playing Native Americans; Cowboy Judd Hirsch; eye-gouging (or a lack thereof); the real life Jim Bridger, and our fictional take we want to sell to the Coen brothers; and how we've decided to just end TMBDOS! and start a podcast about the tv sitcom "Wings" (not really though, so don't worry). Things in our Facebook group and what Daniel has watched recently are also covered.

"The Covered Wagon" IMDB

"The Iron Horse" IMDB

Featured Music: "Wagon Train" by Carter Burwell; "Mile Long Train" by Jimmy Dean; "Railroad Blues" by Woodie Guthrie; and "Midnight Special" by Lead Belly.

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