They Must Be Destroyed On Sight!


They Must Be Destroyed On Sight! Episode 22: “Clerks” (1994), “Clerks II” (2006), & “Chasing Amy” (1997).

May 11th, 2015

This time out Lee and Daniel take a sharp detour from the more overt T&A comedies and look into three films that deal with sexual issues on a more serious level (although there's many dick and fart jokes to be had). We look at Kevin Smith's "Clerks" (1994), "Clerks II" (2006), and "Chasing Amy" (1997). Don't expect an in-depth look at all three films, as that would require a much longer podcast. Instead, we just try and break down some of the major sexual themes in each film. Also, we also cover what we've been watching and play yet another round of Movie God.

Featured music: "Alive", performed by Joey Lauren Adams.
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