They Must Be Destroyed On Sight!


They Must Be Destroyed On Sight! Episode 15: “Shock Waves” (1977).

March 14th, 2015

The whole gang is together for the first time in this episode. Lee, Daniel, and Paul get together for the third episode of Nazi Zombie Month, where they review a film many regard to be the best of the Nazi Zombie film genre in 1977's "Shock Waves", directed by Ken Weiderhorn. They also talk a bit about Julianne Moore, recent purchases, viewings, and some other random stuff. 

End Music: "Shock Waves Suite" by Richard Einhorn.

It should be noted that at one point in this episode, it's said that John Carradine was a notorious drunk. This was an error on my part. I got some information twisted while doing research, confusing some of his son David Carradine's bio, who was an alcoholic. My apologies. -Lee
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