They Must Be Destroyed On Sight!


Blood on the Tracks Episode 45: Guido & Maurizio De Angelis/Oliver Onions Part 3.

May 31st, 2021


Lee is back in a super-sized episode, finishing off his look at the prolific contributions to film music from the talented duo of Guido & Maurizio De Angelis, AKA: Oliver Onions.

--Seq. 1 & Temi di Laura from "My Father's Wife" (1976)
--Main Theme from "Cop in Blue Jeans" (1976)
--Caccia All'uomo, Pt. 1 & Il Grande Racket, Pt. 1 from "The Big Racket" (1976)
--Nata Leri from "Due sul Pianerottolo" (1976) -- Vocals by Rita Pavone
--Main Theme from "Safari Express" (1976)
--The Shadow of the Killer from "Death Rage" (1976)
--Keoma (Harmonica) & Keoma from "Keoma" (1976) -- Vocals by Sybil & Guy
--Hombres Del Mar; Arrembaggio; Yara & from The Black Corsair (1976)
--Main Theme from "Mr. Robinson" (1976)
--Notti Romane from "Messalina, Messalina!" (1977)
--Wolf from "A Man Called Blade" (1977) -- Vocals by Cesare De Natale
--Main Titles from "Goodbye & Amen" (1977)
--Bulldozer from "Bulldozer" (1978)
--Brotherly Love from "Odds and Evens" (1978)
--Killer Fish (Instrumental) from "Killer Fish" (1979)
--Sheriff from "The Sheriff and the Satellite Kid" (1979)
--Main Theme "The Shark Hunter" (1979)
--Descent into the Abyss from "Alien 2: On Earth" (1979)
--Seq. 6 & Seq. 8 from "The Last Shark" (1981)
--Main Theme from "Banana Joe" (1982)
--Fantasy from "Bomber" (1982)
--Seq. 1 from "2019: After the Fall of New York" (1983)
--Main Theme from "A Blade in the Dark" (1983)
--Black Inferno from "The Raiders of Atlantis" (1983)
--The Final Battle from "Yor, the Hunter from the Future" (1983)

Opening and closing music: Betrayal (Sorcerer Theme) from "Sorcerer" by Tangerine Dream, and My Name & The Departure from "Shanghai Joe" by Bruno Nicolai.

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