They Must Be Destroyed On Sight!


Blood on the Tracks Episode 20: Back in Blaxploitation.

January 31st, 2019


Lee has finally returned back to a topic he first covered in episode 2: Blaxploitation. This episode and the next will cover a whole hell of a lot of music Lee couldn't fit into that first episode. Get ready to open your ears to cuts from films giving us some of the baddest motherfuckers and fine-ass ladies to ever grace the exploitation genre.


--Easin' In from "Hell Up in Harlem" (1973) -- Edwin Starr
--Good to the Last Drop & Blacula Strikes from "Blacula" (1972) -- Gene Page
--Theme from Shaft from "Shaft" (1971) -- Isacc Hayes
--Blowin' Your Mind from "Shaft's Big Score" (1972) -- Gordon Parks
--Shaft In Africa (Addis) from "Shaft In Africa" (1973) -- Johnny Pate
--Theme From Three Tough Guys from "Three Tough Guys" (1974) -- Isacc Hayes
--Mr. Jonathan from "Black Shampoo" (1976) -- Gerald Lee
--The Rumble from "Dolemite" (1975) -- Soul Rebellion Orchestra
--"T" Stands for Trouble from "Trouble Man" (1972) -- Marvin Gaye
--A Good Man is Gone from "Sheba Baby" (1975) -- Barbara Mason
--Keep On Movin' On from "Willie Dynamite" (1974) -- Martha Reeves
--Across 110th Street (Instrumental) from "Across 110th Street" (1972) -- J.J. Johnson
--Little Child Running Wild from "Super Fly" (1972) -- Curtis Mayfield

Opening and closing music: Money Orgy from "Danger Diabolik" by Ennio Morricone & Main Theme from "The Horror of Dracula" by James Bernard.

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