They Must Be Destroyed On Sight!


Blood on the Tracks Episode 5: Werewolf Films.

August 31st, 2017


Episode 5 of Blood on the Tracks features the hosting talents of TMBDOS!'s wild man himself, the last true wolf man of rock and roll, LEE VAN TEETH! Join ol' Lee as he guides you though some fine selections from the soundtracks and scores of his favourite werewolf films. Beware, listening to the wolfman has been known to get ear pussies preggers. Use protection: wear your flea collars!


--Main Theme from "Werewolves on Wheels" (1971) -- Don Gere
--Main Title from the unused score for "Wolfen" (1981) -- Craig Safan
--Making the Silver Bullet & Teamwork/Milt's Greenhouse from "Silver Bullet" (1985) -- Jay Chattaway
--Music Excerpts from "The Beast Must Die" (1974) -- Douglas Gamley
--Transformation, Doctor's Orders & End Title from "The Howling" (1981) -- Pino Donaggio
--Lycanthrope and Wulver from "Wolfcop" (2014) -- Shooting Guns
--The Boy and the Devil from "The Company of Wolves" (1984) -- George Fenton
--Main Title from "The Curse of the Werewolf" (1961) -- Benjamin Frankel
--Ginger Snaps Theme from "Ginger Snaps" (2000) -- Michael Shields
--Howling Theme from "The Howling 2: Your Sister Is a Werewolf" (1985) -- Steve Parsons & Babel

Opening and closing music: Downhill Decoy from "Danger Diabolik" by Ennio Morricone & Blonk Monster from "House by the Cemetery" by Walter Rizzati. Lee Van Teeth's theme: I'm the Wolf Man by Round Robin.

TMBDOS! Episode 103: “From Beyond” (1986).

August 21st, 2017


Back for more Lovecraft-inspired weirdness this week, Lee and Daniel jump headfirst into the kinky, goo-covered Stuart Gordon adaptation "From Beyond" (1986). There's lots of conversation about how effectively the film adapts and branches out from the original source material, and if it manages to effectively balance the BDSM elements and special effects with Lovecraft's central themes. Lovecraft's own fears and thoughts on race and sexuality are also briefly talked about. Aside from that, some opening talk about what the hosts have watched is also included.

"From Beyond" IMDB

Slaughter Film's episode on "From Beyond"

Featured Music: "Main Title" by Richard Band.

TMBDOS! Episode 102: “The Resurrected” (1991).

August 13th, 2017


Lee and Paul are back to check out another H.P. Lovecraft-inspired film. This time it's the fairly obscure "The Resurrected" (1991). Although this is a shorter than usual episode, the hosts go over how close the film does or does not stick to the source material , "The Case of Charles Dexter Ward", and Lee has added some clips of him reading short excerpts from the story.

"The Resurrected" IMDB

Featured Music: "Back From the Dead" by the Adverts; "Ain't No Grave" by Johnny Cash & "You Only Live Twice" by Nancy Sinatra.

TMBDOS! Episode 101: “Necronomicon” (1993).

August 7th, 2017


Lee and Paul are here (but not really sober) this week to kick off a run of episodes looking at H. P. Lovecraft-inspired films. In this episode they check out the somewhat overlooked "Necronomicon" (1993). Does this horror anthology manage to live up to the lofty term "Lovecraftian"? Regardless, is it any good? Also covered: what they've watched as of late and/or purchased, and Paul SINGS for your entertainment. Yes, that's right.

"Necronomicon" IMDB

Featured Music: "Die, Die My Darling" by the Misfits and "Because The Dawn/Blood Theme" by Daniel Licht.

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