They Must Be Destroyed On Sight!


TMBDOS! Episode 36: “The House by the Cemetery” (1981) & “A Cat in the Brain” (1990).

September 28th, 2015

Lee, Dan and Paul kick off their month-long look at Italian horror films. In the initial run of this series (which will be revisited later on) they'll be looking at different Italian horror directors and covering films from each of them. Starting off they take a look at Italy's "Godfather of Gore" Lucio Fulci, covering a selection from his peak years in 1981's "The House by the Cemetery" and some late period Fulci in 1990's "A Cat in the Brain".
Featured Music: "I Remember" by Walter Rizzati.

They Must Be Destroyed On Sight! Episode 35: “The World, the Flesh and the Devil” (1959).

September 20th, 2015

Daniel, Paul and Lee are back together this week to look at a film Daniel suggested, the 1959 post-apocalyptic drama, "The World, the Flesh and the Devil". Before that, they engage in some lengthy house-keeping revolving around praise from a fellow podcaster, listener comments, and some extended discussions around what they've been watching in the last little while. 

Featured Music:
"Civilization (Bongo Bongo Bongo I Don't Want To Leave The Congo)" by Woody Herman & "The End of the World" by Skeeter Davis.

They Must Be Destroyed On Sight! Episode 34: Favourite Movie Villains Part 3.

September 15th, 2015

Lee and Dan are back in the third part of an extended episode they recorded a while back on the topic of favourite movie villains. Originally there was to be a short piece done with Paul as well in order to puff this out into a full-length episode, but various issues came up preventing that for the time being. There may be a part four down the road with Paul eventually, which will no doubt be very horror-specific.

Featured Music:
"Frank" by Ennio Morricone & "Sinners" by Freddie and the Hitchhikers.

They Must Be Destroyed On Sight! Commentary #1: “Night of the Living Dead” (1990).

September 7th, 2015

It's commentary time! Yes, for the first time on the podcast, we enter the world of terrible fan commentary for a movie that you can pop into your player of choice. 

Turn down the volume, turn on those subtitles, and then listen to a couple of unprepared fools talk about the film as you watch. 

For this first outing Lee is joined by his brother Scott to eat chips loudly and talk about the 1990 Tom Savini remake of George Romero's "Night of the Living Dead". If you go into this expecting a Criterion-level discussion of the film, you'll be sadly let down. Hell, this might get the facts wrong, and it might not even qualify as a bad Rifftracks commentary, but fuck you, we did it anyway. If you do listen to it, we hope you enjoy. Cheers.
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